Repairs and spare parts

With ROTHENBERGER, you are not only choosing reliable and durable professional tools and machines, but also outstanding service.

Servicing and Repairs

ROTHENBERGER not only supplies reliable, durable and professional tools but we also aim to provide an excellent service to installers.

We offer a range of spare parts available for many products.

If you require spare parts, please us the contact form and specify which spare parts diagram you need using the Rothenberger part number who will be able to advise of list price and availability.

The Repairs Process

If you would like to know what to do in the event of needing a tool repaired, then alongside completing our contact form (linked below), we ask you to follow a couple of brief steps and have the information ready for us when we contact you.

Firstly, we ask that you return the tool to the branch or retailer you purchased the tool from, who will liaise with us. This excludes those purchased through an online retailer. If that is the case, please contact us directly by using our contact form linked below.

We also ask that you have a copy of your proof of purchase. This can take a number of forms but is most commonly a receipt, either physical or digital. This is so that we can determine when the machine was purchased, and if the machine is still in warranty.

Alongside this, we need a serial number for the machine. This is on the silver sticker which located in different places depending on the tool, for instance on a press gun such as the Romax Compact TT this is located at the base where the battery attaches.

Finally, we need a detailed description of the fault, preferably including pictures, so that we can quickly and easily determine the fault.

Spare Parts

Do you need the right spare part for your tool? Then you are in the right place, because spare parts are available for a wide range of Rothenberger tools.By contacting us, you can find exactly the spare part you need from exploded drawings of your tools and then order it from us.