Pipe cutter ROCUT Plastic Pro

ROCUT Plastic Pro

The handy pipe cutter for plastic pipes

Compact and lightweight, but powerful in use: The ROCUT Plastic Pro pipe cutter is the perfect helper for the sanitary sector. Quickly to hand when shortening siphons or laying drain pipes, it ensures the perfect cut in just a few turns. It is easy, safe and precise to use - thanks to the non-slip surface, the sharp blade and the locking mechanism for effortless cutting.

ROCUT Plastic Pro, your compact pipe cutter for all common plastic pipes in three different sizes: 15-22 mm, 32-40 mm and 40-50 mm.

Make one out of two: Each pipe cutter fits two different pipe diameters.

ROCUT Plastic Pro, compact helper for effortless, precise cutting:

  • The working radius is so small that even use in confined spaces and close to the wall is no problem.
  • The locking mechanism during rotation makes precise cuts effortless - without permanent squeezing.
  • The blade rotates precisely around the pipe without deforming the pipe.
  • No additional finishing is necessary as the cuts are sharp and chipless.

Cut pipes in the twinkling of an eye (360 degree product view)

Convince yourself of the practical functions of the ROCUT Plastic Pro and activate the 3D animation by clicking on the image and moving the cursor!

These features make the ROCUT Plastic Pro a practical helper for SHK professionals:

  • High-quality steel blades for the perfect cut

  • Spare blade well protected in its own integrated compartment

  • Housing made of robust, weatherproof plastic

  • Non-slip surface due to special surface structure

  • Adjustable for two different pipe sizes

  • Transport protection through locking mechanism